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Gabari #3

Gabari #3

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Gabari is a biannual and independent magazine of graphic design and visual arts. Without sponsors or abusive advertising, Gabari displays unique, authentic, creative, high-quality and borderless content.

With: Gilles Warmoes (Fr) – La Motiferie (Fr, Ang) – Mario Pucic (Cro) – Eoz Studio (Fr) – Tonton Ringo (Fr) – Leon Möckel (All) – Guph Smells Good (Korea (Korea) – Anaëlle Rambaud (Fr) – Sebastion Pia Gomes (Fr) – DMO Andy ( – Julie Gore (Fr) – Théo Naletto (Fr) – Matt x Zekky (Fr) – Thibault Balahy (Fr) – Nolwenn Tripet (Fr).

Cover by Leon Möckel.

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