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Offscreen #24

Offscreen #24

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Offscreen is an independent print magazine that explores critical perspectives on technology through earnest conversations. As a slow, thoughtful counterbalance to the fast-paced, buzzword-heavy tech coverage online, our publication examines how we shape technology and how technology shapes us.

In this issue

Ali Alkhatib Algorithmic injustice: the expert on human-computer interaction exposes the biases deeply rooted in Big Tech’s AIs.

Jutta Treviranus: The inclusive design visionary on why diversity is our greatest asset and inclusion our greatest challenge.

Xiaowei Wang: ‘Modernity gone off the rails’: making sense of the intertwined systems connecting Shenzhen and Silicon Valley.

Jillian C. York: The free speech writer and activist grapples with the impossible problem of moderating the world’s speech.

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