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OOF #11 Vinnie cover

OOF #11 Vinnie cover

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OOF 11! That's a whole team's worth of issues. If OOF Magazines were individual members of a football team – right, just imagine – then this issue would be its tricky winger, artfully creating chances, delivering moments of sheer beauty, moving with grace and elegance. Issue 11 as a Number 11, you could say. No, I'm not sure where this is going either.

And it's bollocks anyway, because this issue is full of in-your-face, full-frontal art. JJ Guest tackling homophobia, Hank Willis Thomas tackling the history of imperialism, Discofoot tackling macho bullshit, Masahide Tomikoshi tackling... drizzle in West Yorkshire. Big tackle art. But elsewhere we've got Chantal Joffe's lovely, tender portraits of young boys playing football, Martin Kazanietz's love letters to amateur kickabouts and we've got Gazza; loads and loads of beautiful, complicated, problematic Gazza.

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