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Pit #12 Melon cover

Pit #12 Melon cover

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What’s up, spuds! Pit’s potato special has finally arrived.

This issue is plumper than ever – we have grown by a massive 50% in size! These pages are stuffed to the (crisp, burnished) skin with features covering everything from crisp sandwiches to couch potatoes.

We travel the world from Peru to Sheffield, covering some of the wider cultural stories that present themselves through the lens of spuds. What do Tater Tots have to do with women’s liberation? Why was there a potato boycott in ’50s South Africa? What on earth is Germany’s mayonnaise equator?!

There’s Preston butter pie, potato scallops and a collection of readers’ potato salad recipes that will make you weep with delight.

We know this one is going to be popular, so grab yours now!

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