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Sidetracked #25

Sidetracked #25

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Finding Hope in the Unknown

The unknown both scares and excites us. It prompts journeys of discovery that move us forward, both as stewards of this planet and individuals. The unknown is an agent of hope – and hope is needed, in expedition life as well as facing the challenges of the future.

In 'Kichatna Gold', Christian Pondella seeks steep skiing in Alaska. A similar spirit moves Gerhard Czerner in 'The Pilgrimage'. Each of these journeys is deeply personal, from Anna Von Boetticher's dive in 'Moment of Commitment' to Lyndsay McLaren breaking down barriers and stereotypes in Scotland. Beyond adventure, the Indigenous Guna people fight for their land and ecosystems in 'Guardians of the Forest' while Belén García Ovide introduces a new generation of changemakers to the oceans of Iceland.

Even when the unknown is at its most intimidating, hope blooms, and in sharing these stories we can inspire others to make their own leaps into the unknown. In this volume of Sidetracked we celebrate the best from these frontiers and the people who push back their own boundaries.

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