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Strangers Guide #17 Ukraine

Strangers Guide #17 Ukraine

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Stranger’s Guide, a travel publication that explores the power of place-based journalism to break down stereotypes and foster global citizenship, was founded in 2018 by Editor in Chief Kira Brunner Don and Publisher Abby Rapoport. Stranger’s Guide includes print guides, newsletters, and carefully-selected products and partnerships.

Discover the Ukraine that was—and the one that will be.

While there’s been widespread coverage of the Russian invasion and the implications for geopolitical power across Europe, far fewer stories have examined just what events and movements in the last eight years years created this modern, united Ukraine. What history does this country claim? What stories do its people reject? Stranger’s Guide: Ukraine seeks to tackle these questions and more, through original reporting by Ukrainian writers and photographers. It will give you new insights and perspectives on the formation of modern Ukrainian identity.

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