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Farta #2

Farta #2

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The second edition of Farta embraces the good and beautiful Roast Chicken. With lemon sauce, piri-piri, suckling pig or on any counter. Could there be a more democratic, more Portuguese, and more common dish?

An everyday dish. A refuge. A simple and practical solution for those who eat. An exact science for those who make it.

From the north to the south of the country, in its most varied shapes, shapes and sizes. The real comfort food. From African origins or coming directly from the other side of the Atlantic? From the tour of other latitudes to the barbecues or from Africa to Nando's?

With the special collaboration of Álvaro Martino, Austin Bush, Catarina Oscarina, Cláudia de Brito, David Bruno, Diogo Lopes, Estúdio Cozinha, Hugo Brito, João Rodrigues, Mariana Valle Lima, Patarra, Patrícia Serrado, Renato Cruz Santos, Ricardo Bernardo, Tomé Morrissy-Swan, Vânia Rodrigues.

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