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Kaweco Collection Fountain Pen - Ruby

Kaweco Collection Fountain Pen - Ruby

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Ruby is one of the most rare and precious gemstones. The Kaweco Collection Ruby has a shiny polished finish like the lavishly sanded facets of a ruby. It is an aluminium pen with shadow engraving and gold-plated elements.

Kaweco have been producing writing instruments from their factory in Germany since 1883.

A timeless classic, the Sport pen was originally designed in 1911 and is available in plastic casing or a metal finish in a wide range of colours. It features a plated stainless steel nib made by Bock of Heidelberg, 75-year makers of precision fountain pen parts.

Measuring just 10.5cm and weighing in at a feathery 20g, it’s pocket friendly too.

Sport can be refilled with standard size ink cartridges. If you’re on a mission to reduce single use plastic (high five!) you can opt for a converter with bottled ink.

Designed and made in Germany.

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