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Kaweco Grip For Apple Pencil

Kaweco Grip For Apple Pencil

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The Kaweco Grip for Apple Pencil is an aluminium Kaweco sleeve, anodized in a range of modern colours, that fits over an Apple Pencil giving it an elegant and sophisticated look whilst protecting the Apple Pencil from potential damage. The Kaweco Grip for Apple Pencil simply slides on to the pencil and is secured in place by twisting the knurled grip section. The Grip has been designed to allow charging of the Apple Pencil whilst in the Grip.

The Kaweco Grip is designed for use with the 1st generation Apple Pencil. It can also hold a 2nd generation Apple Pencil but in order to use the 2nd generation Pencil's touch controls or magnetically attach the Pencil to your iPad Pro for charging, the Kaweco Grip must be removed.

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